Let’s talk in English (from Mar 2013) – 大家說英語2013年通告欄 (自3月開始)

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春天到了!Spring Is Here! 2013.04.01~2013.04.01

春天到了!Spring Is Here! 2013.04.02~2013.04.02

畅谈音乐Let`s Talk About Music 2013.04.03~2013.04.03

畅谈音乐Let`s Talk About Music 2013.04.04~2013.04.04

听音乐的方式Ways to Listen to Music 2013.04.05~2013.04.05

复习Review 2013.04.06~2013.04.06

增添新家具New Furniture for Megan 2013.04.08~2013.04.08

增添新家具New Furniture for Megan 2013.04.09~2013.04.09

运动的重要?Why Exercise? 2013.04.10~2013.04.10

运动的重要?Why Exercise? 2013.04.11~2013.04.11

更多运动的理由More Reasons to Exercise 2013.04.12~2013.04.12

复习Review 2013.04.13~2013.04.13

比赛开始!Play Ball! 2013.04.15~2013.04.15

比赛开始!Play Ball! 2013.04.16~2013.04.16

最新消息?What`s Happening? 2013.04.17~2013.04.17

最新消息?What`s Happening? 2013.04.18~2013.04.18

记者这一行A Reporter`s Job 2013.04.19~2013.04.19

复习Review 2013.04.20~2013.04.20

绿建筑与环保汽车Green Houses and Green Cars 2013.04.22~2013.04.22

绿建筑与环保汽车Green Houses and Green Cars 2013.04.23~2013.04.23

度假可以做些什么?What Can You Do on Vacation? 2013.04.24~2013.04.24

度假可以做些什么?What Can You Do on Vacation? 2013.04.25~2013.04.25

旅游要诀Travel Tips 2013.04.26~2013.04.26

复习Review 2013.04.27~2013.04.27

新鲜水果Fresh Fruit 2013.04.29~2013.04.29

新鲜水果Fresh Fruit 2013.04.30~2013


from http://www.djsyy.com

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你在读什么书?What Are You Reading? 2013.03.01~2013.03.01

複习Review 2013.03.02~2013.03.02

现在几点?What Time Is It? 2013.03.04~2013.03.04

现在几点?What Time Is It? 2013.03.05~2013.03.05

我想养狗!I Want a Dog! 2013.03.06~2013.03.06

我想养狗!I Want a Dog! 2013.03.07~2013.03.07

挑选适合的宠物Choosing the Right Pet 2013.03.08~2013.03.08

複习Review 2013.03.09~2013.03.09

最爱篮球I Like Basketball 2013.03.11~2013.03.11

最爱篮球I Like Basketball 2013.03.12~2013.03.12

畅谈各式餐厅All About Restaurants 2013.03.13~2013.03.13

畅谈各式餐厅All About Restaurants 2013.03.14~2013.03.14

小费艺术To Tip or Not to Tip 2013.03.15~2013.03.15

複习Review 2013.03.16~2013.03.16

你的晨间作习?What Do You Do in the Morning? 2013.03.18~2013.03.18

你的晨间作习?What Do You Do in the Morning? 2013.03.19~2013.03.19

好莱坞旅游Rob`s Trip 2013.03.20~2013.03.20

好莱坞旅游Rob`s Trip 2013.03.21~2013.03.21

注意安全!Stay Safe! 2013.03.22~2013.03.22

複习Review 2013.03.23~2013.03.23

头痛人物The Problem With Trent 2013.03.25~2013.03.25

头痛人物The Problem With Trent 2013.03.26~2013.03.26

美丽的人们Beautiful People 2013.03.27~2013.03.27

美丽的人们Beautiful People 2013.03.28~2013.03.28

最佳的外貌Look Your Best 2013.03.29~2013.03.29
(本文由大家说英语网站原创,转载请注明出处 http://www.djsyy.com ,请尊重版权,谢谢!)
複习Review 2013.03.30~2013.03.30



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